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Performance is determined on the basis of principles, regardless of the domain in question. Imagine you want to learn to swim faster or just better. One solution would be to go to the pool every day. Will you improve? Of course. But only until you have reached a certain plateau.

Another approach would be to find a particular swimming teacher who would help you understand the basics of swimming, such as that to reduce resistance in the water or that to improve propulsion, for example.

A good understanding of the principles of a discipline prepares you for autonomous and continuous development.The same goes for customer service. You could immerse yourself directly in specific techniques or study first the basic principles that govern the quality of customer service. With the go customer service the deals are perfect.


Speed ​​and responsiveness appear in almost all studies as one of the key determinants of service quality. According to a study by Warwick University, reaction time has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction (quick response) and dissatisfaction (slow response).

Graph representing customer satisfaction as a function of the resolution time

We have all been waiting desperately in a queue. The average American spends an average of 13 hours a year and 43 days of his life waiting before getting a service. Alex Stone describes this phenomenon as a “kind of endless torture”.

  • We have all been waiting desperately in a queue. The average American spends an average of 13 hours a year and 43 days of his life waiting before getting a service. Alex Stone describes this phenomenon as a “kind of endless torture”.
  • If you want to improve your service, responsiveness is a good starting point. There are several ways to measure the speed of your service, here are some examples:
  • The initial response time. This ratio indicates the speed with which a customer receives a response to their request. This does not mean that his problem is solved, but it is the first sign of life – the client knows that his question has been heard.
  • The average response time. This is the total average of the time elapsed between each answer. Let’s say that your email ticket has been resolved with 4 answers, with respective response times of 10, 20, 5 and 7 minutes. Your average response time is 10.5 minutes.

The time to solve problems.The average time before a problem is solved

Divide the number of questions answered into one answer by the number of questions requiring more responses. Forrester research has shown that first-contact resolution is an important satisfaction factor for 73% of clients.

The speed of service depends on a number of factors, including:

Some communication channels are faster than others. Emails are slow. The waiting time before getting an answer can be several days. Because of this, customers often use the phone because they need immediate help.

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Lurssen motor yacht Kismet is The 95.2 meters and it has now been listed for sale with Moran Yacht & Ship. The yacht has a superstructure and it is well built. It is built in aluminum and steel and was delivered to its owner in the year 2014. It was designed by EspenOeino. The yacht has a breathtaking interior, which is the work of Reymond Langton and has the finest of materials this includes rare woods, marbles, and fabrics.

The yacht has the accommodation limit of 16 guests and it has eight sumptuous staterooms for accommodating the same number of people. It comprises of the master suite that comes with a complete private deck with access to Jacuzzi and helipad. The yacht also has cabins for 20 crew members.

On the yacht, soon to be available for charter on one website, there is a huge saloon present to give overstuffed settees are there that are comfortable as well. For the entertainment of the guests, there is an entertainment system and a bar system along with a sophisticated home cinema.  The formal dining room present on the deck has the seating capacity of 18 guests, and there are two more covered dining spaces also present for the more casual meals.

There are vast relaxation spaces present with a sundeck that offers a large swimming pool. The deck also has a full-service gym, spa, tractable outdoor fireplace and winter garden.

Since delivery, it has completed many rides successfully and there is also a large selection of water toys present in it. This includes Jet Skis, Seabobs, tenders, and paddle-boards. Power comes in the boat from twin Caterpillar 3516-C diesel engines. The yacht can reach the maximum speed of 17 knots. You can check the price of this yacht by submitting an application to the authority.